A new Indiegogo campaign for the Mony Mint, the world’s smallest 4G smartphone, has begun

Small, inexpensive phones may be necessary in some cases.Apps are no longer the primary means of communication and navigation in the modern world.

Monnie Mint was reviewed in detail last month.For this job, an Android 9 device that touts itself as the world’s smallest 4G smartphone could be the perfect tool.

Because Mentha supports 4G networks around the world, it can be your travel companion.Skype / WhatsApp / Viber / etc. are still options.Wi-Fi calls are a good alternative to expensive international SIM cards if you can’t find one.Also, this phone has a dual-SIM slot, which is useful when travelling between countries or when using a SIM card that allows for callless data.Mint, as an aside, is small enough to be used as an MP3 player during exercise.

If you’re interested in Monnie Mint for any number of reasons, you’ll need to support its Indiegogo campaign.However, I’m still considering the available PKR 16416 Super Early Bird Spots.There is also a PKR 18879 Indiegogo Special (retail price is PKR 24625) if you miss them.

Do not miss our hands-on review of the Mony Mint.A number of things have changed since our last review.As opposed to the expected 13 MP sensor, the rear module has a 5-megapixel camera sensor, while the front module has a2 megapixel camera sensor (instead of the expected 0.3 MP).A microSD card slot was also added.

The Mony Mint now has the following updated specifications:


With ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing, Mint smartphone is comprised of a professional team that specialises in small smartphones.To make people’s lives more enjoyable, we’re on a quest for new ideas.