A new strategic partnership between Oppo and OnePlus has been announced.

On Saturday, OnePlus celebrated its existence by hosting an event, during which several noteworthy announcements regarding the company’s future plans were made. OnePlus has been in business for nine years. OnePlus and Oppo have announced a new strategic partnership that will last throughout the upcoming years. As part of this partnership, Oppo will make an investment of CNY 10 billion ($1.43 billion) in OnePlus over the course of the next three years.

Following the implementation of the new “dual-brand” strategy, OnePlus will become the pioneer brand for flagship smartphones. OnePlus products, on the other hand, will have a zero-percent net profit margin in order to help ensure that they have the highest possible quality and feature set for their respective price points.

In an effort to get back to the company’s roots, OnePlus phones and products will only be available for purchase online in China. However, customers will be able to get repairs completed at any of Oppo’s service centres located throughout the country.

The most recent OnePlus phones and accessories are already listed for sale on the online store that Oppo maintains in China. The final piece of information that we have is that the OnePlus community app has just recently been re-launched in China to assist OnePlus fans in talking about, sharing, and discussing all aspects of OnePlus.