Apple Confirms iPhone 14 Pro Screen Glitch and Plans to Fix it With an Update

When loading up or unlocking their iPhones, an increasing number of users of the iPhone 14 Pro is reporting a peculiar display glitch on their devices. The user sees green and yellow horizontal lines on the screen, which vanish further on in the process of starting the application, meaning that this does not adversely affect the user experience in any significant way, if at all.

Now that the problem has been identified, Apple has guaranteed that a software update that fixes it would be made available in the near future. We should be able to anticipate a repair either as part of a forthcoming minor patch or with iOS 16.3, which is presently being beta tested by Apple as well as members of the public beta program.

People who are aware of the situation discovered Apple’s reaction hidden in internal memos; it should be noted that this response is not official. Since the problem was identified for the first time a month ago, Apple’s response has been relatively prompt. Let’s simply keep our fingers crossed that the next software update will correct that.