Apple’s iPhone SE 4 release is pushed out to 2024.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s sales of iPhones priced in the middle range are performing worse than anticipated. As a direct consequence of this, it is widely anticipated that Cupertino will either abandon plans to produce the iPhone SE 4 or at the very least push back production until 2024.

The business needs to reconsider both its strategy and its price in light of the fact that the next-generation iPhone SE will feature a full-screen design, which will result in a greater cost of production.

 Apple iPhone SE 4

The analyst believes that the corporation would benefit from reducing “unnecessary new product development expenses” and delaying the release of the new phone in order to better face “the problems of the global economic crisis in 2023.”

Initial models suggested that the iPhone SE 4, which would most likely be called the iPhone SE (2024), will be based on the iPhone XR. The X generation was the first to do away with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and replace it with the Face ID camera as the only form of biometric verification. Now that the X generation has set the precedent, the SE series is expected to follow suit whenever the phone is released.

Apple iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE is typically unveiled by Apple in the spring, which means there are at least 15 months until the phone is available for purchase. We can be certain that the chipset will be the primary change from the iPhone XR, which will enable the camera to take higher-quality photos and the operating system to run more smoothly.

Nevertheless, there is more than sufficient time for Apple to revisit its judgments, which means that nothing is definitive at this point in time.