Global PC shipments grew 13% During the second quarter of2021

Global PC shipments increased 13% year on year to 82.3 million units.

According to global analytics firm Research firm idc, demand remains strong across the board, due to pandemic-driven work-from-home trends that consumers all over the world have drawn attention to, raising concerns about supply issues and backlogs that may arise as the year progresses.

Overall, chromebook and mobile workstation shipments increased by 15% year on year, reaching 66.7 million units.In addition, desktop and related workstation equipment is up 6% to 15.6 million units.

In general, the top five PC manufacturers managed to maintain growth in Q22021, as recovering businesses resumed technical supply chain of computers.

Lenovo took the top spot by a long shot, shipping more than 20 million units for the third quarter in a row, with an annual growth rate of 14.7 percent.

Despite a 2.8 percent production shortfall in Japan and EMEA, American multinational (HP) comfortably takes second place.Dell, HP’s biggest rival, comes in third with gains of 16.5 percent.Dell is well-known in large corporations, primarily startups, and its production increase is not as surprising as HP’s shortfall.

Other brands, such as Apple and Acer, saw gains during the same time period, and there’s a good chance we’ll see a similar growth curve in October.

The PC market is indicating that it will end 2021 on a high note, as Apple’s M1 computers emerge as significant indicators for moving the market higher and higher as the year progresses.

Perhaps major updates to Apple’s macOS, Microsoft’s Windows11, and Google’s Chrome OS in the coming months will attract customers to buy more.