Google is introducing significant gaming enhancements to Android 12

Android 12 will include not only UI and performance enhancements, but also significant updates for gamers.You will be able to play games while they are being downloaded in the next version of Android.

This should be especially useful for large-scale games like Visual or audio Impact or Call of Duty Mobile.The feature is already available on PC and handsets in some Blizzard and EA Origin store titles.It’s great to see it finally making its way to Android, though it will only work with games that support Google’s Play Asset Delivery system.

Google has also announced its latest Android Game Development Kit, which will enable developers to use advanced features and make their work easier without transferring between tools.By allowing almost all tools across all Android versions, this feature aims to reduce instability.It will also be updated to support future Android features.

Developers will also be able to monitor the performance of their games by monitoring CPU and GPU performance.These facts can also be made available to users.