Hackers from Pakistan target critical Indian government installations

According to a threat intelligence firm based in the United States, Pakistani hackers targeted various critical government installations in India.

In a report, Black Lotus Labs, a division of US-based Lumen Technologies, claimed that critical infrastructure in the power sector and one government organisation in India had been compromised by Pakistani hackers.

The June report mentioned a suspected Pakistani threat actor who used a template framework to hack multiple targets in India earlier this year.

The attackers from Pakistan are said to have installed a Remote Access Trojan (RAT), a new type of cyber malware.The programme used by the presumed Pakistani hackers allows for covert surveillance as well as illegal users to the target’s computers.

According to the report, hackers used compromised domain URLs based in India to avoid detection.

The secret operation is said to have started as early as January 2021.The IP address assigned to the hacker groups reportedly belongs to CMPak Limited, a Pakistani mobile data operator known as Zong in Pakistan.

“The majority of the organisations that showed signs of compromise were in India, with only a few in Afghanistan,” Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs claimed.