Huawei gonna Launch New Smartwatch Series Soon

In the market for smartwatches, Huawei is a very well-known brand name. They are selling some extremely impressive smartwatches under their brand name that are now accessible on the market. However, there is a recent report that suggests the company is now working on a new and future line of smartwatches. The Huawei Health companion app, which lists forthcoming smartwatches, now has a couple of these devices listed. On the Huawei Health application, a full rundown of the features that will be included in the upcoming device with the model number AOD-H1 was discovered.

Huawei Watch

It could be a new model of the Huawei Watch 4 series or the Huawei Watch GT4. But when we compared all of the model numbers of the watches, we discovered that this one is entirely independent of the others. Every single Huawei smartwatch released up until this point bears the model number B.19 within their own build numbers. Model number B.19 appears quite frequently among Huawei’s watch offerings. The recently discovered model number, on the other hand, does not have it. Because the B.19 is not included in this lineup, it is possible that this will be an entirely new smartwatch range that will be introduced by the brand in the very near future. Honor, which was formerly a subsidiary of Huawei, has consistently utilized both B39 and B19. As an illustration, MUS-B19 is the same as GS3, while HBE-B39 is the same as MagicWatch 2.


As suggested by the AOD in the model numbers, each of the smartwatches in the collection may be equipped with an AMOLED display and the ability to support an Always-on display. We are still undecided. Let’s wait a little longer so that we can find out more information about the forthcoming smartwatches. It may be a high-end smartwatch for usage outside that was customized for a particular person. On the other hand, it could be a brand-new wearable electronic device such as a smart band. Yes, that’s possible, but it can’t be said for certain. Yet there is no news about when it is going to launch.