Huawei is developing 90W Fast Charging.

While Xiaomi, Infinix, and Oppo lead the charge with 100W and 120W fast charging speeds, Huawei lags behind in terms of wired charging.Huawei phones currently have a wired charging limit of 66W, but the company is working to increase this limit.

According to a new report from tipster Digital Chat Station, Huawei is working on a 90W fast charging system.It’s unknown which phone will be the first to use this technology, but we’re keeping our hopes high for the upcoming Huawei P50.

The 3C recently certified an unnamed Huawei phone with 66W fast charging, which could be the Snapdragon 888-powered LTE version of the P50.The 5G version of the phone powered by the Kirin9000, on the other hand, may have faster charging.

This could be because the Huawei Mate 50 will not be released this year (according to rumours), leaving the P50 as the only flagship Huawei phone in 2021.The Huawei P50 is rumoured to be released on July29, but no official information on this date has been released.

During the Mate 40’s launch, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu revealed that the company has already tested 100W and even 200W fast charging speeds.However, due to concerns about battery capacity, the company decided not to release this technology.