Huawei’s Self-Driving Bicycle

Self-driving cars aren’t the only autonomous vehicles on Huawei’s list.The Chinese company is also developing a self-driving bicycle that can be easily controlled without the need for a rider.

Huawei engineers are currently developing a new bike that can easily maintain balance on the narrowest of surfaces, as shown in the image below.

Other impressive features of the bike include high precision sensors on its body, built-in AI, and image recognition cameras.All of these features, when combined, allow the bike to run without human intervention.

The idea came to Zhihui Jun, the head of Huawei’s self-driving bicycle project, after he was injured while riding a regular bike.This prompted him to collaborate with his engineering team on the development of a self-driving bicycle.They built a fully independent control system, a perception sensor network, and a chip that serves as the system’s brain and provides the necessary computing power.

The bike began as a CAD representation, and engineers later added two large dc motors and steering gear to the real application.The team then added an RGBD depth camera, a sensor, a navigation system, and even a LiDAR sensor to the mix.

To maintain its balance, this bike is outfitted with a control module similar to that of artificial satellites.

The vehicle is powered by a battery pack that can run for 2 to 3 days on a single charge.This battery setup is found directly beneath the seat.

Huawei’s self-driving bike is still in development, which means it has not yet been perfected.But, given how close it is to being finished, it won’t be long before it hits the market.