Jordanian Firm Buys Pakistani Firm Edmatrix To Expand Regional Operations

According to a press release issued today by Jordan-based education technology leader Abwaab, the investment of Pakistan-based Edmatrix is an exciting new development for the region’s ever-evolving startup ecosystem.

The investment terms have not been disclosed at this time; however, it has been learned that both companies are run by former Uber management and employees.In addition, the Jordan-based Abwaab will now begin operations in Pakistan, the world’s fifth most populous country, with over 50 million students demanding quality education at affordable prices.

Abwaab, which was founded in2019, aims to provide online school education to the greater Middle Eastern region and parts of North Africa through visual learning plans, regular assessments, and feedback for students.

With the completion of the previously mentioned acquisition of Edmatrix in Pakistan, Abwaab’s top brass wants to tailor its resources “to change the way students learn” in the wider Asia market.