Mi Smart Band 6 updated with flashlight function

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 6 fitness band, the company’s sixth iteration of its popular fitness band, earlier this year.Since then, the company has been releasing firmware updates in order to improve the overall user experience on the device.For example, in May, Xiaomi released an update that improved sleep tracking and allowed users to reply to text messages on their phones.Xiaomi has added yet another useful feature to the Mi Band 6 with the release of the latest firmware update – the ability to use the band as a flashlight.

With the most recent firmware update, which has the version number v1.0.4.38, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 can be used as a flashlight as well.Before you ask, no, this is not a shortcut for turning on the flashlight on your phone.Mi Band 6’s display will illuminate in white instead of the normal colour as soon as the feature is enabled.If your surroundings are completely dark, you shouldn’t expect a dramatic increase in brightness; however, it should provide sufficient illumination in most cases.

A new firmware update for Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 that includes the flashlight feature is currently being rolled out inKuwait, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic, according to TizenHelp.It should be available in other regions where Xiaomi currently sells the Mi Band 6 in the near future.As long as you are in an eligible region and have updated to version 5.3 of the Mi Fit app, you should be able to check for firmware updates.

It is being rolled out at a time when the Indian market is still waiting for the Mi Band 6 to be released on the market.See our specs comparison of the Mi Band 6 and the Mi Band 5 if you’re curious about what’s new in the fitness band world.