Micro-LED Apple Watch Launch Reportedly Set for 2024

Jeff Pu, a tech analyst for Haitong international securities, suggests that in 2024 we may see Apple’s release of a new high-end Apple Watch featuring a micro-LED display. This prediction was made in the form of a research note from a Hong Kong investment firm.

apple watch 2024 features

Apple is rumored to be releasing a new Apple Watch in 2024 featuring a 2.1-inch micro-LED display and improved features compared to previous models. This micro-LED technology has been gaining traction, as it is capable of providing high resolution and brightness while consuming less power. Additionally, the new model could potentially be a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra released back in September 2022, and will also include lower-priced AirPods than current models on the market.

This new Apple Watch is expected to provide an array of upgraded features and improved performance. No specific details have been released yet, but it is likely that the watch will include improved fitness tracking capabilities and possibly other health-oriented features.

Apple is rumored to be preparing an upgraded version of the Apple Watch in 2024, with the report claiming that it will include improved health and fitness tracking capabilities. The report also mentions a possible lower-priced version of AirPods, dubbed “AirPods Lite”, which could offer a stripped down version of features in order to reduce its price point. While details remain unknown at this time, it is sure to be an exciting upgrade when released!

Could the Apple Watch of 2024 consist of a micro-LED display and lower-priced AirPods? This prediction comes from analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has previously made mixed predictions when it comes to Apple’s future plans. However, this interesting concept definitely piques our curiosity and we are eager to see what innovations are in store for the Apple Watch in the coming years.