Motorola Razr receives an Android 11 software update.

However, did you know that Motorola also has foldable phones? Samsung introduced a couple of new foldable phones this week, but did you know that Motorola also has foldable phones?For example, the Razr from 2019, which was the company’s first attempt at a foldable screen and an obvious nod to the past.

This model is starting to receive the Android 11 update today, which is encouraging to see given that Android 12 is expected to be released in a few weeks by the search engine giant.The Razr initially shipped with Android 9 Pie, which was later upgraded to Android 10 over time.
It’s time to crank up the volume to eleven.

As of right now, it appears that the new release will only be available for handsets purchased from Verizon.The new build has the build number RPV31.Q2-62-7-10 and includes the security patches for July 2021.

You’ll also get all of the new features in Android 11, including Conversations and Chat Bubbles, as well as new media controls and one-time permissions, among other features.

It is likely that the update will be released in stages, and it may take several days for it to reach all of the units out in the field.