New Leak Reveals Upcoming Lenovo SmartPaper Tablet

This morning, on the 30th of December 2022, there was a series of new leaks that disclosed the renders of a variety of upcoming products that will be manufactured by Lenovo. The new SmartPaper is one of these devices; it seems to be a rebranded version of an already existing tablet produced by the firm.

Lenovo SmartPaper Tablet

Evan Blass, better known by his Twitter handle evleaks, is the person who disclosed the stolen photographs. He released a number of pictures of the latest tablet produced by the Chinese technology giant. Taking into consideration these photographs, it would indicate that the manufacturer has global distribution plans for the Yoga Paper E-Ink tablet. The SmartPaper and the Yoga Paper tablet are extremely comparable in terms of their overall style and shape, despite the fact that the former does not feature the recognisable “YOGA” branding on the back panel. To put it another way, SmartPaper might just be a renamed version of Yoga Paper aimed at the international market.

Lenovo SmartPaper Tablet

It has come to our attention that the SmartPaper tablet will, in addition, come with a stylus. The information that was stolen from the source revealed only the tablet’s name and a few photographs; however, the leak did not include any of the tablet’s technical details. On the other hand, taking into account the Yoga Paper that is already on the market, we may anticipate that the future SmartPaper will likewise include a tall 10.3-inch e-ink display panel. For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, this panel provides users with an experience that is quite similar to reading and writing on genuine paper. In addition to this, the display is quite easy on the eyes, and the automated adjustments to the colour temperature and brightness contribute greatly to this effect.

The stylus that is included with the tablet does not need to be paired or charged in order to be used. It also boasts a pressure sensitivity of 4096 and a latency of under 23 milliseconds. The gadget is also compatible with nine different types of smart pens, each of which can support side edge writing and enable a changeable handwriting style. These pens may imitate the effects of genuine handwriting by supporting side edge writing. Since the Yoga Paper was introduced in China at a price equivalent to approximately 430 US Dollars, we can anticipate that the price of the worldwide model will be less than 500 US Dollars.