Official Galaxy S23 accessories confirm Ultra colors.

The mystery surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S23 is being unravelled very quickly. Everything from leaked technical specifications and rumours to leaked official images and a comprehensive account of the device’s official accessories has been covered. Evan Blass, who is known for leaking information, is the one who provided us with a comprehensive list of the Galaxy S23 series’ accessories, complete with model numbers.

The Galaxy S23 Plus will be available with the following cases: a Clear Transparent case; a Clear Gadget case Transparent; a Leather case in Black, Camel, and Green; a Rugged Gadget case in Black; and a Silicone case in Cream, Green, Lavender, Navy, Orange, Black, and White. All of these cases will be clear. The Galaxy S23 is said to come with two different Clear case options, a Leather case in three different colours, a Rugged Gadget case, a Silicone Grip case in black or white, and a Smart View Wallet case in black, cream, green, and lavender. In addition, there are two different Clear case options for the Smart View Wallet case. Although it would appear that the Galaxy S23 Plus does not come with a Smart View case, it is highly likely that both the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 Plus will share a selection of additional accessories.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be available with a variety of different cases, including the Clear Gadget case, the Leather case in black, camel, and green, the Rugged Gadget case in black, and the Silicone case in cream, green, lavender, navy, and orange.

The different colour options for the S Pen, which come in Cream, Green, Lavender, and Phantom Black, are arguably the most significant component of the list. Because those S Pen colours will match the body of the phone, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S23 Ultra in these four colours at launch.

Mobile Fun UK even provides visual representations of a few of these accessories on their website. These are the Galaxy S23 Ultra leather case in Camel, the Smart View Cover in Lilac, and the Silicone case for the Galaxy S23 in Khaki. The Smart View Cover comes in lilac and the Ultra leather case in camel.

A description of the official accessories for the Galaxy S23 series was provided by Roland Quandt a month ago; however, he noted that the list may not be exhaustive. It mentioned that the S Pen comes in four different colours: black, green, rose (also known as light pink), and beige. If we assume that Beige refers to Cream and that Rose refers to Lavender, then the information provided by both insiders is consistent. Before the month of February rolls around, we should receive additional confirmation.