Oppo intends to introduce revolutionary AI with 6G in 2035

The next generation of mobile network technology may be more than a years old, but Oppo is already talking about big plans for the future.The Chinese company has published a white paper on 6G and how it will revolutionise AI in our daily lives.

Oppo believes that 6G will be able to do the following, according to this white paper:

One of its applications would be electric cars, and how they will be able to select “the most appropriate AI algorithm” for optimal communication based on the location of objects and their surroundings.Vehicles will be able to teach one another how to provide passengers with the safest and most comfortable journey possible.

According to Henry Tang, Oppo’s Chief 5G Scientist, 6G will begin centralising in2025, with successful application expected by 2035.He goes on to say that the number of AI units in the world will far outnumber the number of humans.This will make it easier for AI units to engage in order to build a network that can help people.

The white paper primarily represents what an ideal world with 6G would look like.Although much work remains to be done, Oppo has already established a pre-research team for 6G technology.