REDtone Digital Services Announces the Launch of a Google Cloud Program in Pakistan

To bring cloud technologies to Pakistan, REDtone Digital Services (RDS) has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage programme.

This is a great accomplishment for Pakistan’s business ecosystem.RDS will provide direct access to Google Cloud, Google Education, and Google Workspace offerings for public and private sector organisations, SMEs, and startups.RDS will provide customers across the country with Google Cloud certified sales, or before, and support.

RDS will also collaborate closely with Google Cloud’s startup programme, offering numerous benefits and resources to Pakistan’s startup community.

Pakistan’s IT infrastructure has improved and IT exports have increased as a result of various initiatives undertaken by the Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT), and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB).As a result, international investors and conglomerates are now looking at Pakistan as a possible IT hub.

Ms. Mahnoor Nadeem, Chief Executive Officer RDS and Group Vice President REDtone, commented on the appointment, saying,

This news demonstrates to the people of Pakistan that our image as a progressive and technologically innovative nation is gradually being strengthened as a result of the strength of our business community and the government’s ongoing support.