Rumor Alert: Google and Samsung Could Release Their Folding Phones at the Same Time

Google has reportedly been developing its own foldable smartphone, dubbed the Pixel Fold. A recent leak suggests that this device could be Google’s answer to Samsung’s foldable phones and would offer a unique and advanced experience to consumers.

goole pixel fold

Rumor has it that Google is getting ready to launch its own foldable device, the Google Pixel Fold, later this year. Reportedly produced through Samsung Display’s supply chain, this device is forecasted to have a tall primary OLED display of 7.57 inches and a secondary 5.6 inch cover screen. With mass production scheduled for the July to September quarter, the Pixel Fold could soon become another unique option for tech-savvy consumers seeking out state-of-the-art innovation.

The Google Pixel Fold is expected to launch at the same time as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, creating a tough competition in the foldable phone market. This means that the sales of the Pixel Fold might be affected by the release of this other device, potentially putting pressure on its performance in a short timeframe.

Google Pixel Fold, an imminent folding device running Android 14L, is the new talk of the town. As of now, details remain scarce. But what we do know is that Android 14L is specially designed for large-screen devices and tablets; putting productivity and multitasking at the forefront. We will keep you updated once more information becomes available.