Samsung anticipates the sale of Galaxy A23 5G units will be 70% less

South Korea, the country in which Samsung was founded, has provided us with an unusual story today. It has been reported that the business has substantially decreased its shipping target for the Galaxy A23 5G smartphone. Earlier this year, Samsung had the intention of selling 17.1 million A23 4G units in addition to the 12.6 million A23 5G units that they intended to sell.

On the other hand, if a recent report from the Korean website TheElec is to be trusted, the newly revised shipment target for the Galaxy A23 5G is less than 4 million devices. That is a significant reduction in the goal, almost 70 percent, and the explanation may have something to do with a perplexing problem with this particular model that has not been made public.

Galaxy A23 5G

According to the same report, “a certain feature that was supposed to be on the phone caused serious problems with the operation of the handset.” As a result, Samsung was required to conduct an investigation into the problem that lasted for an entire month in order to determine the precise cause of the problem.

We are led to believe that this problem, and the investigation that followed it, may have had something to do with the fact that the A23 4G was released in March, but the A23 5G didn’t hit store shelves until September, despite the fact that this hasn’t been stated directly or even in the form of a rumor. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

The unidentified mystery issue was eventually resolved, but Samsung has decided to produce fewer units of the A23 5G “because of the headaches it caused.” The goal of “fewer than 4 million” for 2022 will be supplemented with a goal of “five million” for 2023.

If you are intrigued and curious to find out how the A23 5G worked out, stay tuned for that.