Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy A70 series

The A5x series of smartphones has been Samsung’s best-selling smartphone lineup for a considerable amount of time. However, up until very recently, the A7x was the model in the A series that held the title of “best in the show.” Next year, there won’t be any A7x devices available, according to a fresh report, so get ready for everything to change in that regard.

That’s right, the A73 was supposedly the very last A7x model that was ever produced, and Samsung has stated that they have no plans to manufacture an A74 in 2023, which means that the Galaxy A54 will be the headliner of the A series when it comes to sales appeal as well as raw features.

Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy A70 series

While information regarding other planned Ax4 handsets has been made public, no similar information has been made public regarding the A74. According to rumours, this is because there is not currently an A74 in development, nor will there ever be an A74.

This may sound strange, but consider the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy A73 was already on the margins of the company’s product lineup before it was ever released. It was only made available in a lesser number of countries than the A72 was before it. It’s possible that the story of the A73 was a hint at what would eventually take place with the A74, but it’s more likely that it was just a coincidence.

There has also been no mention of a Galaxy S22 FE or S23 FE, which means that there is an odd (and relatively large) price gap between the A54 and the S23 that is wide open for Chinese competitors to exploit. To leave oneself open to the opposition in such a way is, at best, a poor strategic move; but, it’s possible that Samsung does have a plan, which involves selling the S22 at an even deeper discount and fitting it in there. If we want to know the answer to that question, we will have to wait till the S23 is out. Thankfully, that will only be a couple of weeks away, and it is presently speculated that it will occur on February 1st.