Samsung Takes Action Against Information Leakers

It is all too common for smartphones to be leaked online before their official release.It’s impossible to keep a smartphone under wraps these days, and companies like Samsung and Apple don’t like it when their products are leaked ahead of time.

These leaks usually originate somewhere along the supply chain.

As a result, Samsung is cracking down on supply chain leakers and has issued clear warnings to its supply chain partners.

The Korean phone manufacturer is also looking into the source of these leaks and has begun issuing copyright statements warning of strict policies.

If the company’s efforts are successful, we can expect fewer leaks from Samsung in the future.Samsung-related leaks are likely to decline for a while before picking up again once the dust settles.

This is due to the fact that leaks are simply impossible to stop.

There will always be some source who will leak inside information on the internet, which will become public knowledge in a matter of days.

Apple, for example, is very strict about product leaks and requires some of its employees to wear body cameras during their shifts to control for any potential leaks.

Despite these efforts, we still learn everything there is to know about Apple’s iPhones months before they are released.

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