Samsung’s 5G Galaxy series will have official Bluetooth certification

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, and Galaxy A54 5G have been certified by Bluetooth SIG, bringing them one step closer to becoming available for purchase. We have been hearing about these smartphones for some time now.

On the website of the certifying authorities, the Galaxy A54 5G has been given the model code SM-A546V, whilst the Galaxy A34 5G has been given the designation SM-A346B DSN as its model.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, and Galaxy A54 5G

On the other hand, the Galaxy A14 5G is available in a total of eight distinct models: the SM-A146U, the SM-S146VL, the SM-A146U1-DS, the SM-A146W, the SM-A146U, and the SM-A146P, as well as the SM-A146P-N and SM-A146P-DSN. Both the SM-A145P DS and the SM-A145R DSN are available as models for the Galaxy A14.

The listings on the Bluetooth SIG website don’t divulge any of these smartphones’ specifications, with the exception of the fact that they affirm Bluetooth 5.2 for the Galaxy A14 5G and Bluetooth 5.3 for the Galaxy A14, A34 5G, and A54 5G. We are looking forward to the formal release of these phones.