Samsung’s One UI 5.1 launching date revealed

Despite the fact that the launch of Samsung’s One UI 5.0, which is based on Android 13, only began a few weeks ago in October, the software has already been installed on dozens of devices. Despite this, a recent source claims that Samsung has already begun testing One UI 5.1, which is the upcoming version that will succeed One UI 5.0.

There is a possibility that One UI 5.1 will make its debut on the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones, which, if previous speculations are right, should be revealed on February 1. Moving from One UI version 5.0 to One UI version 5.1 in the span of only a few short weeks would unquestionably be considered a rapid turnover.

Samsung's One UI 5.0

On the other hand, in contrast to what the minor increment suggests, it seems likely that One UI 5.1 will not be quite as significant of an overhaul as its predecessor was. On the other hand, Samsung has dropped hints in the past about the possibility of introducing some additional lock screen customization options with the release of One UI 5.1. It might also incorporate Android 13’s new media player widget design, something it has not done in One UI 5.0 despite the fact that it’s built on the same version of Android as Android 13 itself.

The One UI 5.1 upgrade is now undergoing testing on the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra, all of which have the firmware version S90xEXXU2CVL7. This test firmware was discovered on Samsung’s servers, and it is possible that it may be made available to the S22 family within a few days of the debut of the S23 series. In most cases, the corporation operates in this manner, giving newer devices priority access to updated software, but only for a limited amount of time.