Stable MIUI 14 Now Available On All 12 Xiaomi Models Worldwide

MIUI 14, in its stable version, has been rolled out to the flagship Xiaomi 12 series around the world by Xiaomi. The new user interface update was made publically available for the first time in Xiaomi’s home market one month ago. The MIUI 14 operating system has already been installed on Xiaomi 12 smartphones in China since the beginning of this month. However, the stable version of the software upgrade will initially only be available for the Xiaomi 12 flagship models around the globe.

Xiaomi 12

MIUI 14, which is based on Android 13, has been updated to include the security patch for January 2023. Users who have participated in testing on the beta channel can now download the upgrade. The total size of the file that needs to be downloaded is 4.43 gigabytes. The MIUI (TLCMIXM) full version is not yet available for the Xiaomi 12 Pro. The full version number is MIUI

The update can only be obtained by downloading it over the internet, and it is only accessible to a particular subset of beta testers. There are now no automatic updates available, but Xiaomi is hoping to perfect the MIUI 14 with the feedback from a small set of users. Following then, the MIUI 14 upgrade will become accessible for download for any related smartphones that are maintained by Xiaomi stables. After that, customers will get a straightforward message, and downloading over-the-air will become an option.

Since its initial release in 2010, MIUI has amassed more than 564 million active users on a monthly basis across the globe. This number continues to grow. The most recent version of Xiaomi’s user interface, which is based on Android 13, is called MIUI 14. It comes with a user interface that has been substantially optimized and simplified. Additionally, it begins with Project Razor, which involves a significant improvement to the system architecture. The enhancements include CPU, GPU, and memory resource scheduling, as well as decreased memory utilization and a smaller footprint for the corresponding firmware.

Xiaomi 12

Improvements brought about by MIUI 14 also include an automated compression feature for unused applications and a toggle switch option to disable persistent notification prompts. In MIUI 14, there are only eight system apps that cannot be removed, which is the fewest number of apps that have ever been included in an MIUI release. The updated user interface now includes customizable folders, animated flowers, and pet widgets, as well as better word recognition and the merging of duplicate file names. With MIUI 14, which features end-to-end encryption, there are also enhancements to the user’s level of privacy.