Telenor Pakistan has won the 7th International Environment, Health, and Safety Awards 2021.

Telenor Pakistan has won the “Responsible Supply Chain Sustainability” category at the prestigious 7th International Awards on Environment, Health, and Safety 2021 for its efforts in developing a safe and environmentally productive supply chain.

The jury, The Professionals Network’s board of directors, and Ethical Business Update unanimously selected the company as the recipient of the award.

Telenor Pakistan claims to preserve the highest Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standards in its day-to-day operations.In managing HSE for its workforce and supply chain, the organization’s framework is based on international standards, global conventions, and national laws.

Telenor Pakistan’s focus areas under the Telenor Group framework include providing its workforce with safe, healthy, and high-performing work environments while reducing hazards and risks.Through efficient environmental management throughout its supply chain, the organisation ensures responsible business conduct by preventing and controlling negative impact on the natural environment.

“At Telenor Pakistan, ensuring the health and safety of everyone is of primary importance to us–it’s in our DNA,” said Kamal Ahmed, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.Indeed, health and safety are so important to us that we extend our focus on this beyond our entire organization in order to correctly denote our partners.”

“We are grateful to The Professionals Network and Ethical Business Update for selecting Telenor Pakistan for the Responsible Supply Chain award,” he added.This recognition will strengthen our resolve to maintain and ensure safety and well-being in all that we do.”

“Our goal of ensuring environmentally responsible business will remain our driving force.This award illustrates our commitment to long-term development by raising worker safety standards throughout our organisation and supply chain,” Kamal added.

Telenor Pakistan has made significant progress in HSE compliance over the years through rigorous commitment and facilitation in terms of global standards adoption, processes, business partner development, and capacity building.