Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading ICT and Fiber Infrastructure Company, has collaborated with Telenor Pakistan to connect over 700 Telenor cell sites through the FTTT (Fiber to the Tower) initiative.

Telenor Pakistan relies on Wateen as one of its major partners for a fiber-optic backbone to maintain over 6,000 km of its network across the country as part of its journey to achieve optimum readiness for growing bandwidth demand and emerging technologies.

Wateen will provide active capacity to Telenor Pakistan cell sites as part of this new initiative, allowing for faster connectivity and higher internet speeds in 12 major cities.This technological alliance will help the telecom operator improve customer experiences by increasing network capacity and reliability.

Wateen Telecom CEO Adil Rashid stated on the occasion, “As an ambitious organisation focused on delivering innovative ideas, Wateen is proud to align its vision with Telenor Pakistan once again.”This latest collaboration will ensure that our partners’ customers have the best network experience possible in all aspects of their daily lives, whether at home or on the go.”

Telenor Pakistan will be able to open up faster speeds transport capabilities thanks to Wateen’s FTTT technology, providing customers with a smoother and faster internet experience while ensuring uninterrupted data services.

In Pakistan, the demand for data services has grown at an exponential rate.In seven years, the number of broadband subscribers has increased from 14 million to more than 100 million.This increase in subscriber base has accelerated the need for initiatives such as FTTT, and Wateen is ready to embrace next-generation internet technology.

With a growing need to meet increasing network load, the partnership will play an important role in staying ahead of future consumer needs and facilitating the goal of creating infrastructure to further Pakistan’s digital revolution.