The Google Pixel’s future has been revealed

Due to the fact that Google’s products are frequently the subject of leaks, the business has been pre-announcing forthcoming goods in recent years in an effort to reclaim some of the attention that has been lost to those who engage in the practice of leaking. But now the people who are leaking information have decided to up it up a notch; it will be interesting to observe how Google reacts to this new development.

A leak of the business’s smartphone development roadmap from 2023 to 2025 has exposed every model of smartphone the company has in the works. Let’s just go right in since it doesn’t get much bigger than this in terms of leaks.

Google Pixel

Next year, the Pixel 7a (codenamed “lynx”) and the Pixel Fold (codenamed “Felix”) will launch around the time of Google I/O in April or May. This indicates that there is a strong possibility that they will be presented at the annual developer conference that the company hosts. Although in the past it has been referred to as Pixel Notepad, it appears that Pixel Fold will be the official name that will be used for Google’s first foldable in the commercial market.

There are rumors that the Pixel 7a will have the same price tag as its predecessor, the Pixel 6a, which was $449 and 101,294 in PKR. You should anticipate the forthcoming model to include support for wireless charging as well as a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. On the other hand, the price of the Pixel Fold has been “confirmed” (or at least as much as a rumor can do that) to be $1,799 and 405,854 in PKR.

Google Pixel

The Pixel 8, which is expected to be released later in 2023, will have a screen that is marginally smaller than that of the Pixel 7, but the Pixel 8 Pro will have the same screen size as the 7 Pro. Both of these will be driven by a whole new chipset, which will most likely be sold under the name Tensor G3. When compared to their predecessors, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Plus won’t offer a whole lot of different features.

There is a plan to release the Pixel 8a in 2024, but that might be dropped in favor of a biannual launch cadence for the Pixel a series if the sales performance of the Pixel 7a is strong enough. This all depends on how well the Pixel 7a is selling (or lack thereof). Expect Google’s Pixel 8a to sell for $499 and 112,574 in PKR, which is an increase of $50 above the price of its predecessor.

Google Pixel

The Pixel 9 series will have three members: the Pixel 9, which is anticipated to maintain the same smaller size as the Pixel 8; the Pixel 9 Pro, which will have a screen size of approximately 6.7 inches; and a third Pro-level model with a 6.3-inch display that will have all of the features of the larger Pro model. In the event that none of this makes any sense, the main idea is that Google will try to imitate Apple. Imagine the new 6.3-inch phone as Google’s version of the iPhone Pro, while the 6.7-inch phone would function as the Pro Max. Naturally, each one of these three new handsets will include a brand-new system-on-a-chip model called the Tensor G4.

In 2024, there will also be a new foldable, but not much information about it is currently available. It has been speculated that Google would wait to see how well accepted the Pixel Fold will be before making any more announcements.

Google Pixel

Depending on how well the company’s plan for the years 2023 and 2024 turns out to have worked (or not), the business may decide to take one of several distinct approaches for the year 2025. According to reports, Google is “playing around” with the concept of a foldable smartphone that would work like a flip-style book, and if this becomes a reality, it will ship in the fall of 2025 with the three slab Pixels of that year (there will still be three of them like in 2024).

On the other side, if the flip phone is not going to be produced, then we will see four Pixels that do not fold into themselves. There will be a standard model available in both small and large sizes, as well as a Pro model available in both small and large sizes. Apple, over and over and over again.

All of this material is said to have been gleaned from a reliable source, and it is said to have undergone extensive verification processes. Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that plans are subject to change, particularly when looking thus far into the future.