The Motorola Moto G60 will be available in a high-end model

The Motorola Moto G60 was introduced in April of this year, and it appears that a higher-end model is on the way.The Moto G60S has recently surfaced in a leak, exposing its price as well as specifications.

According to this leak, the Moto G60S will be available in Europe soon for around €300-320.The price is slightly higher than the base model, noting that the S variant will have slight changes.

According to the leak, the device will have up to 8GB of RAM, which is 2GB more than the Moto G60.The storage space will be 128GB, but there is no word on whether there will be other options.

The phone’s new name is Lisbon, and it will be available only in blue.Unfortunately, no additional information is available at this time.

The Motorola G60S, on the other hand, is likely to share the majority of its specifications with the G60.This means we can expect a 6.8-inch LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a 108MP camera, and a 6,000 mAh battery.

Stay tuned for more details as rumours and teasers appear in the coming weeks.