The new Oppo Reno 10 Pro+ design has been unveiled via leaked schematics 

Late in the month of November, the Reno9 smartphones were introduced to the Chinese market, and the manufacturer has already begun development on the Reno10 series. The source of the leak, Digital Chat Station, published the blueprints of a smartphone on their website, claiming it to be the Oppo Reno10 Pro+, the most powerful device in the eventual lineup.

If the image is accurate, it shows that the Oppo midrange series will include a smartphone with a periscope lens and that the general design will move away from the island that is roughly square-shaped and located in the upper left corner.

Oppo Reno10 Pro+

The picture shows a flat panel with just one hole punched in it for the selfie camera. On the back of the device is an island in the shape of a triangle that contains three cameras: two shooters with regular lenses and one with a periscope on the bottom, directly close to the blurred “Powered by MariSilicon” branding.

In order to maintain a competitive price point, the Reno smartphone line has omitted the provision of an adequate telephoto camera. It is possible that Oppo will retain things as they are if, beneath the square, there is nothing more than a simple 2 MP macro sensor. This would be similar to what Xiaomi did with the Redmi K60 and Redmi K60 Pro.

Because the Reno series releases its new smartphones every five to six months, it is unlikely that Oppo would introduce the Reno10 Pro+ any sooner than April. There is sufficient time to determine whether or not this image accurately depicts the situation or whether it is merely the product of the leaker’s imagination.