The newly leaked Google Pixel 8 has a significantly improved camera

The Google Pixel series of smartphones were some of the first to offer support for HDR+ photography, and according to recent rumours, the company has plans to take things even further with the Pixel 8 series.

According to Kuba Wojciechowski, the source code in the Google Camera Go app disclosed that the 2023 Pixels will include staggered HDR. Staggered HDR is a method that enables the sensor to capture different exposures simultaneously using the same pixels.

Long story short, courtesy of Google we got a clean, unobfuscated version of Google Camera Go, that includes references that seemingly confirm that flagship Pixels in 2023 – Husky and Shiba – will support staggered HDR.

At the moment, Google’s Pixel 7 series is equipped with sensors made by ISOCELL GN1, but Samsung’s camera chip does not allow staggered high dynamic range (HDR). We anticipate that the Pixel 8 smartphones will include ISOCELL GN2 sensors, which have the most recent improvement available for high dynamic range photography on mobile devices.

Staggered High Dynamic Range (HDR) is superior than conventional HDR since it produces the same effect in a shorter amount of time and avoids the blurriness that can occur when the device that is capturing the picture moves while it is being taken.

The source code of the Go app disclosed the existence of a gadget that was internally referred to as the Pixel Tangor Pro. This device is essentially a more advanced version of the Pixel Tablet. We have not yet seen any tablet released by Google with the Pixel name, but there is a possibility that the company will release not only one but two tablets in the near future.