The OnePlus 11’s official camera, specifications, and display leaked

We already have a very good idea of what the OnePlus 11 will look like thanks to the numerous renders that have been leaked over the past several months, but it’s always preferable to have some live shots, as those are far tougher to fake than rendered ones.

The renders were our first source of information, and the photographs only confirm what we already saw there. The circular camera module has been installed, and the back panel now has a finish that resembles sandstone. The Hasselblad brand has also been included. It’s interesting to note that the display does actually give the impression of being flat.

Weibo has been home to the circulation of a few renders that appear to be official and show the handset in green. This comes as an added bonus.

It comes as a surprise to learn that the company’s second flagship for this year would have a flat display, given that the company’s flagship phones have all featured curved displays ever since the release of the OnePlus 7 Pro. The alert slider has been reinstated, so that’s a plus.