The OnePlus Ace 2 with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 launching on February 7

On February 7, OnePlus will have a significant event where we anticipate seeing the global variants of the OnePlus 11 and the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. It will also be the first stop for the OnePlus Keyboard, the OnePlus Pad tablet, the new OnePlus TV Q2 Pro in various sizes, and the OnePlus 11R smartphone.

OnePlus Ace 2 specs:

OnePlus will debut the OnePlus Ace 2 smartphone in China at a separate event, which will be the 11R version with minimal software updates for the home market.

OnePlus Ace 2

On the back of both the OnePlus 11R and the OnePlus Ace 2, the camera and display are designed in the same way. Both have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, and the color of the official teaser appears to be identical to that shown in the leaked photos. A year ago, the OnePlus 10R was promoted and sold in China under the name OnePlus Ace.

The Qualcomm chipset found in the PHK110 phone has already been benchmarked at AnTuTu, where it achieved a score of 1,149,494 points. The results are comparable to those of the OnePlus 10T, which is also driven by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. It is important to note that this score was reached in the Performance Mode; with this SoC, the only handsets that are capable of reaching over 1 million AnTuTu points are those that have modes that increase their hardware.

OnePlus Ace 2

The user interface is where global and Chinese smartphones diverge the most. OnePlus will ship Android 13 with ColorOS 13 on top for the Ace 2, while OxygenOS 13 will be the operating system of choice for the 11R. The user interface has a different name, but as time has passed, the two have become so similar that there are very few differences that can be observed between the two.