The Realme Flash will be available on August 3rd

Realme’s MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology will be available starting August 3.If all goes well, Realme will be the first Android brand to offer magnetic charging, similar to Apple’s MagSafe.
At the upcoming event, Realme has confirmed it will launch Realme Flash and “much more” in addition to MagDart.

Realme’s MagDart technology has been widely leaked recently.
MagDart-powered chargers have appeared in several renders, giving us a full look at the technology.
According to reports, Realme MagDart will launch in two variants.
One could be like the MagSafe’s disc-like charger, while the other could be boxier and bulkier, charging batteries faster.

According to previous reports, MagDart will support at least 15W wireless charging.Apple’s MagSafe charger also outputs 15W, so Realme is directly competing with Apple.However, the larger charger that Realme is working on will reportedly charge at over 15W.

Realme may be working on more MagDart chargers for all device categories besides just its future smartphones.
Realme’s MagDart technology may support laptops, smartwatches, and other Realme products, not just smartphones, says Mukul Sharma.Perhaps a single charger with a large base that charges compatible devices.While MagDart chargers for smartphones may be available next month, the timeline for other MagDart chargers is unknown.

Realme may also unveil a new phone at the same time.While Realme has only mentioned the Realme Flash, previous rumours claimed the phone is the company’s MagDart-enabled smartphone.This phone will probably have a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage.Realme hasn’t said much about this phone yet, but it has confirmed the Realme Flash exists.Realme says there will be “much more”.

Realme’s MagDart event is set for August 3 at 5.30pm.