The Realme UI 4.0 update is coming out this week

At the start of November, Realme released the Realme 10 Pro and 10 Pro+ in China, both of which come preloaded with Realme UI 4.0. As a result, they were among the first to use Realme’s Android 13 skin. Together with Realme UI 4.0, the two are getting ready for their global debut on December 8.
However, these are not the first Realme phones to have Android 13. One month ago, Realme GT 2 Pro received an upgrade, however this time it was built on Realme UI 3.0.

Discover what’s new in Realme UI 4.0 right here.

Realme ui 4.0 card style layout
The team at Realme has begun organising their data using a card system. Thus, the most crucial data is isolated from the rest and protected from accidental exposure.
Realme ui 4.0 real fun always on display
The Always-On Display has been improved to make it feel more unique to the user. There are now animated emojis, individualised recommendation panels, and interactive panels.
Realme ui 4.0 real safe auto pixlate feature
Another encryption option is the Private Safe, which is a new addition. Images containing private data can be obscured using the Auto Pixelate function.
Realme ui 4.0 real seamless dynamic computing engine feature
The new Dynamic Computing Engine, according to Realme, will boost performance by 10%. As a result, players can anticipate 4.7% longer playtimes and cooler average temperatures (by one degree Celsius).

This Thursday sees the worldwide release of the Realme 10 Pro and Realme UI 4.0. Look at the picture below for a schedule of when current models will receive upgrades (note that the timeline does not mention if the phones will receive Realme UI 3.0 or 4.0).

Android 13 Roadmap

Pakistan should receive the update at the same time as the rest of the world if Realme’s OS rollout is as smooth as Samsung’s.