The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series can only be activated with a smartphone that supports GMS.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic, the Korean tech giant has introduced the world’s first smartwatches to run on Google’s new Wear OS 3 platform, which was developed in collaboration with the company.
In an unusual turn of events, Samsung requires a smartphone that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS) in order to activate the new watches, which means that neither iOS nor Huawei devices will be able to work with the Watch4 series out of the box, as previously reported.

The official Watch4 specifications page on Samsung’s website also specifies that smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher and with more than 1.5GB of RAM must be used in conjunction with the Watch4.
ArsTechnica was able to obtain additional clarification from Samsung, who stated that its Watch4 series will not be compatible with iOS devices.
Samsung’s legacy Galaxy Watches will continue to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but it is unclear whether other Wear OS 3 smartwatches from other manufacturers will share the same pairing requirements as the Watch4 series in the future.

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