The Watch 3 WeChat launch with amazing features

Even though the Oppo Watch 3 series was introduced back in August, it did not accept contactless payments until the Watch 3 and 3 Pro models were introduced. Because of this, Oppo has just introduced the Watch 3 WeChat version as a solution to the problem.

Watch 3 WeChat

It would appear that the WeChat edition of the Oppo Watch 3 is nothing more than a reworked Watch 3 Pro that has an NFC chip. And obviously with the ability to make payments using WeChat. The Oppo also promotes the capability to send voice answers through the microphone or written replies through the keyboard. You may even see photographs and give preset short answers. However, we are not entirely certain that each and every one of these functions is new.

The Weibo article suggests that one can use WeChat while it is in either the Ultra power saving mode or the normal smart mode. Both modes are, of course, accessible.